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Albert Einstein – Celebrity Reading


Albert Einstein is one of the most well known physicist, having earned a Nobel prize in physics and known for his E=MC2 and his relativity theory.  Einstein has become a pillar, if not a cult, in science as a staple to prove wrong.  Yet Einstein was also a lover of Nature, culture and even the Spiritual.


Listen to Albert Einstein’s short celebrity reading:


Albert Einstein’s Archetypal Blueprint


So we’re going to talk about Einstein Albert Einstein, the scientist born in 1879 on March 14th. And I think you’ll see that there’s a nice complexity to these embraces where. In a way, this is one of the archetypes that is very much about incarnation being in the body and wanting to discover all of the rules and potentials of the physical realm and the sense of nature of the cosmos.

And in a sense, the Empress is about the court and she wants to cultivate knowledge to raise her own quote. And have people that are educated, healthy, fed, and protected, so that knowledge can reign and the self-expression of individuals can reign. And in the, as an embrace Stein was very much intrigued about how things worked and.

Even though he wasn’t such a scholar at the beginning, he was an observer and observed nature and serve phenomenon of nature. And I’m served women as empresses are very seductive and they love the game of seduction. So here as an Empress there’s something about Einstein that as a kid really wants to explore how things work, explore how nature works and the first way of exploring that is through observation.

I think he was not such a popular kid, which for Amber says that’s really Emphasis are really caught into this, even though they do play into this whole gossipy culture, the you know, the exclusive and cliques and things is very much an Empress kind of game. So usually they’re on the side of being in accepted, but it can be.

To be also that they’re the rejected ones. And so that is something also about the culture and feeling rejected by culture to then want to go make your own culture or not fitting into the main culture and therefore wanting to improve it. And this is very much part of the Empress in a way that you can do that is through.

The expression of knowledge. And so there is this deep part of the Empress that has to go through the educational systems and she needs to learn. She needs to go get, you know, an apprenticeship with her passions and then diplomas and this and that, cause it really helps her so that she becomes an authority.

I mean, this is the Empress, the queen. And there is one thing about the empresses she wants, and she is seeking to be in or impressed, right. By some things so that she can then give birth to that thing. Now, obviously that can be very literal for female and purses, but for males, it’s going to be something of knowledge, something of the mind that they become impressed by, and then that they want to give.

Into the world and express. And so in Einstein’s case, you can see that he was able to express a lot of different, new ideas that came to him through deep observation. And then he had to go through the educational system of science. Ending up working at Princeton. And so, you know, the Empress in a weird way is kind of caught into the cycles of culture until you’re seeing Einstein as a Empress is somebody who went through this deep observation, quite early, figured out things, but then had to be rigorous.

In adapting to the school and educational environment in this scientific community, in the scientific method which was very popular that time in a way in elite circles as the new way that we would understand ourselves and life. And we could do wonders and, and Stein, I think suffered because he wasn’t such as.

But he was a great observer and scientist in that sense. And he became a good scholar and a scientist later. And so education was a big thing for him. And when you, you look at his lovers ego and you see the there’s could have been quite a bit of stress. In his life in terms of how he values themselves, right?

There’s something there that’s, maybe he didn’t value himself as much. And maybe he had some issues with being anxious and stressed about coming out with new ideas that might have.

Bothered. Some of the people that were at that time, we known as the pillars. And this is one of the things about science. You know, there is these peoples in theories that are pillars to the science. And as soon as a new theory contradicts, one of those people. It’s difficult. It’s the, it’s the status quo.

That’s falling. There’s a whole new re-invention. This is actually part of the beauty of science is through logic and experience that can be done over and over. We advance by not being afraid of breaking pillars. And this is something that. In a way I understand how to deal with, and you can see that with a double in his harmonization key, where he really needs to have the will and the passion and the drive to surmount, you know, about being the outcast, the Heredic that devil being the bad guy in a way.

And he has to go through all of the, and. Deal with this and this anxiety, this stress is devaluation and believe in himself and transform into the justice ego. As you see there, which is really about piercing through the veil of the mechanics of nature in the world, then it’s much further than the justice of our moral justice systems.

And in the, by going into his devil, by going into his power and his will and his passion and really willfully, you know, being able to go and deliver this information in a certain neutral way, passionate but neutral, like. That really, that justice there stands out, which then unlocks that the whole right.

And moves them into the moon, which is kind of the lunatic, the lunatic genius, the, and especially on the light side, the moon becomes that genius, that discovers new things of how things work in the unit. And it does bring you into the sky with the moon. So, you know, relativity the gravity, I mean, it’s quite interesting.

The moon plays quite a role in keeping our earth stable and it’s very mathematical and very systematic. And you see him then moving into the sons of bringing that out into the world, shining that out into the world, his discoveries of the moon of the Socratic. And I think towards the end of his life, he said some pretty spiritual things for a scientist.

Perhaps understanding more now, interestingly, with a devil there in the positive as part of his exterior exterior realization with the moon. We now know that in 1936, there was a committee of scientists that signed it kind of. Basically stopped looking into this whole idea that the world was a simulation and then the finest particle was pixelated because it really meant that we were in a hallucination as simulation of hallucination of consciousness.

And that really disturbs the fabric of our structured society. By the base understanding of what is reality. And that can really shift that story though. So we know that they had coated this knowledge that basically conscious had more power than matter. I mean, you can look in some of these things, there’s a lot of Well known scientist, they were all there and I think had a big discussion.

And so there is this funny thing about manipulation and Oak halting knowledge that is still there. And I really like to see the top cards still working through their negative patterns. Right. And you see that clearly with him. Even though he obviously became quite famous, went into his son and. You know, a lot of knowledge.

So we still well, I mean, he became a pillar, basically. He became one of the lighting thought fathers of our understanding of reality and especially relativity. So you see that in a way, his whole masculine side, they’re going from the wheel of fortune to the chariot, to the devil, into the. You know, the moon is interesting, cause it’s either very creative, a very scientific and engineering type.

So you can see, he took that route to discover with willing passion, the devil, which is all about the mechanics of the earth to a certain degree, really the power of nature. And so in his wound, a chariot is that he had to be very. Disciplined rather than the wheel of fortune, which is wants to disperse its energy and party and have fun and all of that, there’s this chariot there that’s, that’s keeping him aligned to a certain degree, even though that probably stresses him out.

But there’s definitely something that happened with his father, whether his father left or not, or wasn’t there, or was poor and then became. Wealthy with them or not. It’s, it’s kind of irrelevant. I mean, for his own personal understanding of him self it is, but there you can really see how With the wheel of fortune, it will for change in the world.

And by bringing in knowledge, this things and having the discipline to bring it out into the world through structure almost through the mathematics of sciences. Chariot organization. I can homie the sensor, another cold, and he used science to express the changes that he could see needed to be done through his Empress, which really brought him into his genius.

Person that can basically Pierce through different veils, every reality, you know, and gain power and fam through that. So you really see all of that. And eventually he had to deal with his insecurities, with his ego lovers and really find that strength, that balance of trusting his intuition as well, that you see in the woman.

Or the, in the feminine side, in the left side of the diamond, you see the star and the temperance and immediately the, those two cards, especially in a negative. I mean, it’s so sweet and it’s very feminine, but it’s very dramatic and unstable. I know the series of the people that are not very aligned with themselves and are escaping reality.

With the 10 prints. There’s a lack of balance. And there’s a lack of stability. I mean, they’re not really anchored here. They’re angels floating around. Right. And they’re too sensitive to everything. And so there is this dramatic nature about the temperance. And when you go into the star, which is kind of her sister, you know, she’s totally not aligned.

She doesn’t understand the cosmos. She doesn’t understand science. He doesn’t understand nature. She’s probably been polluted that to a certain degree. I’m not going to say whoring herself out, but to a certain degree that makes us understand an aspect of her you know, polluting herself. And it can be the, she has a lack of hygiene is even though with a temperance that would be.

Difficult. Because the temperance somehow still has an immaculate hygiene. You’ve been having a negative especially in the feminine there’s it goes down and it, it it’s different, but the start is just lost and is lacking stability. And so you feel with him, there’s something. Really as wounded in his feminine.

Even though there was some kindness and very deep feminine influence of that softness that grace here and there, usually it’s people that have kind of shut themselves off to the emotional realm which a lot of scientists and geniuses have kind of. Been disturbed emotionally and they overcompensate by going into the mind and trying to discover why.

You see that, you know, he has the justice there up above and his healing, which is merit in his ego. So there’s really this shift of him needing to find his balance, needing to find his intuition and needing to trust women. Again, needing to really refined his equilibrium between the conscious and the subconscious, the emotional and the mind.

You know, the spiritual and the physical. And so there’s, there’s probably quite a deep shift that happened with him internally in probably in his relationships as he moved into his higher golden soul pyramid and moved into the forest, which is discipline and order. And yet quite some. Fun passion, sexuality moving into a most of the tantric spiritual, which he also finds in his environment, which is kind of, you know, in, in the Princeton area, there’s this a certain structure.

We kind of like a dojo there, a certain order Which allowed him to then be the son. So be a teacher and then be a guiding light for the world to really see the age stains, the Empress take form here. And there’s some struggles where there’s definitely some. Obscurity from his childhood that you see with a hermit and where he kind of grew up in there’s hidden with any edge issues, maybe even alcoholism, substance abuse, maybe, you know, all sorts of abuse here and there that he in a way needed to escape.

And so the Herman usually stays very protected from. And even if they discover it and they know about it, they move through it. So that they can pass all of this stuff, but it results in having his emotions not be nurtured. And you can kind of see the wound with this star and the temperance having some difficult times trusting and relying on.

And therefore a woman. And so having to go into that devil means finding his power, finding as well, finding his passion and really going for what he believes, what he sees. And even if it is heresy and he did, he went through the, which really catapulted them into the star that he became, meaning the son as the main star

to help. And we’ll see you shortly.











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